I purchased a box set of 3 seasons of Boardwalk Empire from DVDSEA and received what appears to be a bootlegged copy. The package was shipped from China and the box it came in which has pictures of the HBO and Boardwalk Empire logo is filled with misspellings (for example A TLANTIC CITY instead of ATLANTIC CITY) - my first clue.

Upon opening the box I see that each DVD is in a PINK protective sleeve and the inside of the box is decorative gold paper with a flower pattern on it - not what one would expect from HBO. The DVD's are of poor quality, the legal statement at the opening of each DVD (telling you not to copy or distribute) is blurry and the show itself has a 'flat' quality to the video - definitely not a High Definition image as was the aired television show.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Ordered Sons of Anarchy season 6. Thought it (the website) was an american company but after reading reviews felt panicked about my purchase.

Received my package & discovered it was from China. When I started to watch the dvd's, it was obvious that it was recorded off TV (FX channel),although the quality is OK.

Could have been worse.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #770715

I purchased the US version of "The Killing", series two through DVDsea, as it is unavailable in Australia, and US distributors did not offer it in region 4.

Cost-wise, I paid almost $US 40.00 (including $11 postage) for the series. I bought series 1 locally for only AUS$25 a few weeks before (when US$ and AUS$ were almost at parity, so lets say $US25 as well). The recently released of Boardwalk Empire series 4 was $56 at the time, so this might indicate, by comparison, the DVDSea set to be quite cheap. Nowhere in Australia could I find a legitimate copy of Killing 2, or anywhere globally offering it in Region 4 format.

The parcel arrived less than 2 weeks after the order was placed. Not bad. The box declared in subheading that the "investigatino" returns (twice), and that the New York Post found the show fantastically "rieting". A couple of other sentences were missing words; I wouldn't like to venture what they might have been. The blurb on the back of the box was lifted entirely from the Wikipedia entry on The Killing (US) Season Two. As an obvious cut and paste, it was noticeably free of spelling errors.

The discs were placed in pink sleeves, loose in the box, but admittedly played just fine. Our only real concern was that the discs may not have been Region 4. As they were, and as we had not been able to purchase this series by conventional means, I'd have to say we were happy with it, all things considered.

I should add that if I could have found a region 4 copy easily I would not have used DVDsea, but I couldn't. As a consumer who obviously isn't regarded as always being right, my wants actively being not met, I have no qualms in buying from this bunch. Hilarious covers and all.


I find the quality very good. Yes they are bootlegged copies but u cannot tell the difference. Sound is really good

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #656923

So glad I came across this site. I almost purchased Sons of Anarchy season 5, which isn't scheduled to be released until Aug or Sept.

So I've been wondering how this site could have it months before the release date.

Now I know. Thanks for the warning!

to Megs Cameron Park, California, United States #660834

Omg same situation I was just bout to order soa season 5 :eek

to amo #729308

did you receive your order? I just bought 1-5 SOA

Reston, Virginia, United States #651842

This Company is in Hong Kong, China though you would never know it from their web-site. I called their number when the charge hit my credit card because it was a little more than the receipt I printed plus an international exchange fee.

My order came in a timely manner but it is clearly not what I thought I was getting. The English on the box is not correct and each DVD is in a little pink sleeve. I lost $70.00 0n this purchase and want to warn others not to use this Company. It says there is a 30 day money back guarantee, but the hassle in dealing with a foreign Country isn't worth the effort.

My purchase was a gift for someone, but I can't give them this boxed set of the Big Bang Theory, which is clearly a knock-off.

Hope no one else falls for the nice web-site and good reviews listed on their web-site. I should have done more research before ordering.

Manteca, California, United States #639657

Thanks for the info, I almost purchased from them. I wondered why it was so much cheaper then anywhere else by twenty bucks!


I purchased a dvd set from them. Half of the dvd's wouldn't play, and it took 3 months to get a replacement.

I'm sure their customer service speaks english, since every time I expressed how angry I was their response was just "Thank you very much!" and stuff like that. Wish I had come across these comments before I ordered from them.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #630463

Its not even the cheap quality that concerns me about me Disney DVD set - the issue I have is that they all have Chinese print instead of English in the DVD menus, and they came in an array of languages - none of which are English.

Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark #617302

Thanks for these comments. I almost bought a simpsons box set 1-23 from DVDsea.com.

I researched a bit and found out that NO one else is selling that box set except from a few other "less trustfull looking places". And yes the box was insanely cheap.

Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States #607357

this company is a scam. i bought from this site, had it stopped by customs, and when i called customs they said it is bootlegged and i won't be receiving my product. paid with paypal, who is refusing to help me receive my money back.

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